If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call at least twelve hours ahead of time.  This provides our wait-list clients an opportunity to take your missed appointment.  

Kindly arrive on time for your apointment to ensure full service.  If you arrive 15 mins after your scheduled time, we will do everything we can to accommodate, however keep in mind you may have to wait.  

If you require any type of correction, please notify us within 72 hours.  Any corrections must be done within 7 days of initial service and with the original stylist.  Due to the nature of our service, no refunds will be granted.  

Payments and Gratuities

We accept cash as well as all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.  Personal checks are accepted and we do not give cash back on credit card charges.  

Gratuity is not included and can be paid in cash, credit card, or added to check.  

Our Policy